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What are the screening options I can choose from?

Bluecrest offers a range of different screening options so you can choose a package that is right for you. Please call us on FREEPHONE 1800 937 499 to discuss the options with our team of advisors. You may also have received a letter from us in the post, in which case you probably have some package discounts available to you.

All packages also come with a year's FREE access to our GP Telephone Helpline for your continued peace of mind.

Heart Disease and stroke are among the leading causes of death in Ireland and all of our packages are aimed at helping to reduce your risk from these life threatening disease.

Stroke is a leading cause of adult disability and the number 3 cause of death. Unfortunately there are rarely warning signs before a stroke, so understanding your risk factors can be important if you wish to take a proactive stance to managing your health.

We also offer a range of blood testing options. All screening packages include a full “biochemistry” profile which more advanced than your standard “finger prick” test. Your biochemistry profile is broken down into at least 25 specific readings that are explained in detail in your results report. If you wish, you can choose additional blood tests, depending on your circumstances.

Some people choose a Thyroid check, a prostate cancer PSA reading or CA125 relating to Ovarian cancer. It's extremely important that such tests are explained to you so you understand both the benefits and the limitations of these tests before agreeing to them. Our staff have fact sheets explaining these if you require more information.

  Individual test name Individual price
  Artery check for peripheral arterial disease (PAD) relating to heart attack and stroke risk
  Liver and Kidney disease, gout, diabetes, bone health, heart disease
and stroke risk within your full laboratory profile
  Body Composition scan
  10 Year Heart Disease Risk Assessment
  Heart rhythm and blood clot (“atrial fibrillation”) specialist check
  Lung function, lung age and COPD risk
  Haematology profile
  24/7 GP Helpline service (access for year)


Please call us on FREEPHONE 1800 937 499 to discuss the options with our team of advisors.