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Bluecrest Health Screening high Quality Clinics including Harley Street

What are other customers saying about Bluecrest?

Our customers complete questionnaires, which we analyse daily, regarding all aspects of their health screening with Bluecrest. We know that there are many things that make up a good experience. Here are just a few of the areas that form part of our ongoing analysis:

  • Our Venues – we want to make sure that the venue has lived up to expectations. Those venues that score particularly high are visited more frequently.
  • Our Staff – our staff receive in-depth and ongoing clinical training, but we are aware that being a good clinician is nothing if it is not accompanied with a good manner and helpful demeanour. We rate our staff both on their ability to deliver the screening service and on the comments from customers relating to customer service
  • Personal Health Reports – we consider our health screening reports to be at the forefront of the sector, explaining everything in plain English rather than medical jargon. We take the time to get high quality reports to customers (we don’t take any shortcuts with low cost “finger prick” blood tests or inferior one-step analysis). Customers will receive their reports within 28 days but we will telephone customers directly if there is a more urgent matter that has been flagged up by the laboratory rather than wait for reports to be bound and posted to clients.

We ask a variety of questions – and are delighted that over 90% of customers indicate that they would proactively recommend Bluecrest to their friends and family members.