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Bluecrest Health Screening high Quality Clinics including Harley Street
Bluecrest Health Screening high Quality Clinics including Harley Street

Why choose Bluecrest Health Screening?

For many years private health screening has been available at high cost private hospitals. Until recently, high quality clinically accredited testing has not been particularly affordable. Bluecrest has changed that by providing a new service that is:

  • Quality – we use a state-of-the-art laboratory that has been CPA accredited and meets global ISO quality standards. Our technology enables cardiac specialists to review heart rhythm traces from equipment that transmits readings over the internet
  • Private– you will be screened in a comfortable local clinic (our mobile teams go to so many areas, you should find one less than 10 minutes from your home of place of work)
  • Affordable – We are able to achieve economies of scale in our tests and we pass the savings on to you
  • Highly popular – we are proud of the extremely positive feedback we are receiving from customers who have been screened

Our checks are designed to help people understand their current health status, review any risk factors that may be identified – and our focus is always on helping people to proactivley live healthier, happier more energised lives as a result of changes that they may make following the screenings.

Our customers are comparing the service and reports received extremely favourably.

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